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Welcome to subscribe The Chinese Journal of geological hazards and Control (Bimonthly)

The Chinese Journal of geological hazards and Control (Bimonthly) was founded in 1990. It is an academic journal of geological disasters domestic and abroad, which is in charge of China Geological Survey, sponsored by China Institute of Geo-Environment Monitoring and China Association of Geological Hazard Prevention.

The journal publishes the research achievements on collapse, landslide, debris flow, ground subsidence, ground subsidence, ground fissure, earthquake, loess collapse, swelling and shrinkage of cohesive soil, thawing of frozen soil, groundwater pollution, seawater intrusion, mine water inrush, rock burst, gas explosion, soil erosion, land desertification, salinization and other geological disasters induced by natural and human engineering economic activities.

This journal is mainly for teachers, postgraduates and scientific and technological personnel of engineering geology, geological engineering construction, technological innovation, and protection of geological environment. The initial orientation of journals is to serve the field workers in the production line. It is an authoritative and comprehensive journal combining academic theory and practice in the fields of engineering geology, environmental geology, especially geological disaster research (geological disaster prevention and control and geological environment protection)

The Chinese Journal of geological hazards and Control (Bimonthly) is a 16 size international standard, priced at 30 yuan per volume, 180 yuan for six issues throughout the year, and 220 yuan (including postage) for the bound edition. The issue number of this journal is CN11-2852 / P, ISSN1003-8035, and the Mailing Code is 82-362. Notice of advertisement release registration: 京海工商广登字20170026号.

Journal Subscription:

The price will be 30 yuan / volume in 2020, and the annual issue will be 6 issues, and the annual price will be 180 yuan.

① Post office subscription: postal code 82-362;

② Journal Distribution Department of Science Press: 010-64017032 64017539;

③ Online purchase: search Taobao store, micro shop name: China Science Journal (subscription and sales of back issues);

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